Our Works

The following is a summary of the working jobs we do : 



Interior Decoration

1. The work of the internal partitions. 

We have several systems and several materials .The most important system is Deco (executable of untying and reinstalling several 

times through the private aluminum sections ) 

2. The work of many types of suspended ceilings (for offices, the halls, the hangars, for bathrooms) 

3. Flatwork 

- PVC flooring tiles for offices, lounges, halls and computer rooms and the work of sealing the tiles 

- Tile and raised floors for computer rooms Raised Floor 

- Carpet Tiles from normal or Anti Static 

- Many types of carpeting 

4. The work of blinds: vertical blinds and curtains, metal curtains and other systems. 

5. Carpentary Work : Modern Carpentary for offices and Tables in all designs.

• the work of aluminum . 

• the work of iron: and include the establishment of bunkers in the banks and financial institutions, iron doors of all designs. 

• insulation of buildings and surfaces. 

• Brick works. 

• Alarms and security systems and surveillance cameras and access systems Ertat regular and magnetic. 

• PBX telephone systems and telephones. 

• Electrical, phone and computer extensions .

• HVAC systems and extensions. 

• Internal and external finishing and general maintenance .

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