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Alqutob EDM

Alqutob Engineering Decoration & Maintenance Est. was founded in 1990.

It is a leading establishment in the field of buildings civil renovation & maintenace contracting works, including mechanical & technical jobs .

Supply, installation and production of decoration materials, interior design and wood crafts for various residential and commercial categories are another field it excel at .

The establishment directs its services to domestic market and, provides a range of options, recommendations and quality solutions to all residential and commercial projects, and others.

Our establishment is pursuing the steps of leadership and excellence so we keep up with fine details and subtle advances on the level of the whole world and,

we pick and choose the best of them and develop them according to the obligations and plans identified and foreseen, thereby serving the professional and aesthetic environment.

We constantly and carefully monitor the environment, we accept and develop changes, research designs and architectural, as well as sociological, changes and transform them into unique design.

Our ambition was expanded that rendered us professional people in our field, therefore, we established Alqutob Engineering Decoration & Maintenance Est. for a broader and more professional launch.


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